Simon Parkin

Writer & Journalist

Simon Parkin is a contrinuting writer to the New, a freelance journalist and author of the book "Death by Video Game."

"Death By Video Game," Serpent's Tail (UK)/ MeLville HOUSE (US),  August 2015/ July 2016.

"The finest book on video games yet. Simon Parkin thinks like a critic, conjures like a novelist, and writes like an artist at the height of his powers - which, in fact, he is." (Tom Bissell, author of Extra Lives and God Lives in St. Petersburg)

"Simon Parkin's surgical story-telling reveals the humanity, beauty and truth beneath the surface of our digital adventuring." (Jonathan Smith, Director of the National Videogame Arcade)

"Death by Video Game is life by video games. Simon Parkin is gaming's Jon Ronson, and his book charts the extremes of the medium to try to answer the question why the hell do we all care about video games anyway?'" (Kieron Gillen, writer of Iron Man, Uncanny X-Men and The Wicked + The Divine, co-founder of Rock, Paper, Shotgun)

"The best book about video games I've read since I wrote one." (Steven Poole, author of Trigger Happy)

"One of the most effortless and masterly voices in video game writing." (New Statesman)